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To establish a leading edge in custom electronics manufacturing
by offering world class services to ensure long-term business success of the company.


Tong Hsing Electronics Phils. Inc. is one of the leading IC Hybrid assembly houses specializing on Chip Scale Package (CSP) – Land Grid Array (LGA) or Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages and other devices such as PCB assembly with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Chip on Board (COB) processes, Multi Chip Modules especially on RF Modules, Image Products and Ceramic Assembly manufacturing using Thick Film and DPC process. Clean room environment ranges from class 10, 100, 1000, 10K and 100K.

We provide our customers the best value through quality leadership and
continuous improvement in our products and services.


To ensure continuous improvement and to satisfy customer expectations, Tong Hsing Electronics Phils. Inc. adheres to the International Quality Assurance standard model of Quality System Requirements:

Our Products

ThickFilm Process / DPC Process

  • Dry Film Laminate
  • Dry Film Development
  • Copper & Nickel/ Gold plating
  • Strip & Etch
  • Ceramic Laser Marking


Capable of producing different package size and thickness, Multi Chip Module with LGA, QFN and DFN Package.


Hybrid hi-rel package for high reliability products


QFP 1 Packages
QFP 2 Packages
mPLCC Packages
CLCC Packages
CCM Packages


Technology and Processes

Assembly Technologies

  • SMT
  • Chip and Wire
  • Eutectic Die Attach
  • Wire Type: Alumina/PCC/Au Flash Cu/Au
  • Flip Chip
  • Auto-mold Latest Technologies
  • Fully-automated Back-end Process

Packaging Technologies

  • SiP, PiP
  • Transfer Molded
  • BGA, Micro BGA, LGA, QFN, MCM and Hybrid
  • Epoxy Encapsulation
  • Potting with Plastic Case
  • Hermetic Sealing of Metal/Ceramic Lid

Thick Film Technologies

  • Double-sided Circuitry with Through Holes
  • Multi-layer Circuitry Printings
  • Thick Film Printed Circuit

Thin Film / DPC Technologies

  • Sputter
  • Photo Image / Masking for Fine Line Circuit, Development
  • Ni/Au Plating, Cu Plating and ENEPiG
  • E less Cu and Silver Plating
  • Laser Marking for Ceramic - 2D Barcode

We Customize. We Provide. We Value our Customers.

General questions
The company values diversity and inclusion, where growth not just in skills are being harnessed by leaders. Opportunity to support a team with the services and abilities that meet the needs of the group with little supervision. Also mentorship flows freely between and among individual and team. The company adheres and inculcate the Company values and meaning to employees; “Tong – Together/Family” “Hsing – Progress”.
Tong Hsing provide contract manufacturing for microelectronics packaging and ceramic thick film substrate fabrication
There 3 easy steps on how to apply with us:
  1. Applicants may send their comprehensive resume thru email
  2. You may visit the on-line portal of the company (eg:, or by clicking the posted position that you think best fit your qualifications and the HR will schedule you for interview.
  3. The company also entertain walk-in applicants from Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 10:00am
Application assessment undergo the following screening
  1. Initial Interview is conducted by the Recruitment Team
  2. HRD Manager if the applicant passed the assessment the interview shall be forwarded to HR Manager
  3. Department Hiring Manager – final interview is done by the department head wherein your technical skills are put into test.
The Company core values focuses on Integrity, Continues Improvement, Happiness and Reality (ICHR)

The Company core values help employee to envision their purpose as an individual or within a team in achieving the company goal.

The Company has different ways to appreciate and recognize their employee’s achievement. Company events are done quarterly to promote and reward employees success and hard work. Recognizing the milestones of each employee wherein they are given medals, plaque and other tangible rewards.

Employee’s showing continues improvement or contribution to the organization is being acknowledge by presenting them rewards.

Applicants who passed the assessment shall proceed to next step which is the Job Offer. During process the Recruitment Team discussed offered position and salary and company benefits to the successful applicants.

After the assessment/interviews of the qualified applicants, HRD Manager with the support of the Hiring Department will spend an ample amount of time reviewing the application and their qualifications before taking next steps. 

So you may have to wait a few days to hear whether you're going to receive a job offer or if the company is moving forward with another candidate

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Key Factors

✔ Risk Management
✔ Human Resources Abundance
✔ Work Ethic - Ingenuity & dedication towards work
✔ Flexibility
✔ Easily Adaptable to English Language
✔ Government Support
✔ Availability of Industrial & Technical Support

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