Corporate Social Responsibility

Tong Hsing Electronics Phils. Inc. clearly sets forth its social responsibility objectives and provides guidance on the social responsibilities of all its employees as it seeks to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operations and activities.


The purpose of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to ensure that THEPI consistently operate in a manner that minimizes detrimental impacts to society and on the environment.


This policy applies to all employees, stake holders, suppliers, and customers of THEPI.

Our CSR Mission

With the mission of ’To instill active involvement of our employees through resource conservation, waste recycling and environmental protection.’ THEPI provides;

- Resource conservation thru water, power and time conservation.
- Waste recycling thru proper waste management and by elevating employee awareness on the impact of hazardous waste in the environment.
- Environmental protection thru green activities.

Our CSR Principles

We value the principles of accountability, honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to conduct our business in manner which ensures:

- Fair treatment of all employees and clients
- Transparency of our business policies and practices
- High standards in all matters relating to health, safety and environment
- Ethical business practices throughout our operations
To succeed in delivering the best possible service to our clients, every employee is expected to adhere to the group’s core values and to uphold them in the workplace. Employees are expected at all times to exercise the highest ethical judgment and comply with laws applicable to their duties.

Compliance with codes and regulations

Employees, suppliers, clients and stake holders shall adhere to all national laws and regulations

Whistle Blowing

In the event that an employee discovers a breach of company policy, he/she may report that breach in confidence via the HR Manager thru text or email. The HR Manager has a duty to investigate fully the detail behind such report and as part of the investigation, will not divulge the report. Maliciously motivated reports for which there is no real basis may result in disciplinary action against the employee making the accusation.

Conflict of Interest

Employees must avoid at all times any situation which may involve a conflict of interest between the employee and the company. Employees are expressly prohibited from accepting other paid employment including consultancy in other companies without the consent of the Executive.


Every employee shall respect any information which is confidential to the company. Confidential information consists of any information that is not or not yet public information. It includes trade secrets, business strategies, marketing plans, engineering and manufacturing ideas, product recipe, database, records, salary information and financial data.

Data Protection

THEPI believes in data protection and its non-disclosure to third parties. Furthermore, employees must use best efforts to avoid unintentional disclosure by applying special care when storing or transmitting confidential information.In case that third parties such as suppliers or customers share with THEPI their confidential information, such information shall be treated with the same care as it was THEPI’s confidential information. In that same spirit, employees shall protect the confidential information that they have obtained.

Fair Dealings

Dealings for clients will be undertaken in an order and manner which is unquestionably fair for the client and shall be administered within the compliance regulations governing trading operations.

Use of Company Information / Assets

Employees shall use the company’s computer systems, internet, intranet and email system for business use only. Any employee found to have disclosed confidential information, been abusive or malicious in using these facilities, or misusing the system in any way may face disciplinary action. The company prohibits the use of its intranet, internet or email systems for acquiring, producing or disseminating pornography or similar material including the use of abusive language or offensive images.

Equal Opportunity

The company follows the laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, hiring, rate of pay, promotion, demotion, or transfer practices. t is THEPI’s policy to provide equal employment opportunities and to treat applicants and employees without bias. It is our policy that no one in THEPI should be the subject of discrimination on the basis of sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, race, color, religion or belief, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

Human Rights

THEPI supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all of its spheres of influence. It upholds the freedom of association and upholds to the law of the land.

Forced / Child Labor

THEPI does not utilize or promote forced or child labor of any kind. We adhere strictly to country laws governing labor standards.

Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment and/or Bullying

All employees are entitled to work in an environment which respect their personal dignity and which is free from harassment, bullying or any other type of harassment.


THEPI employees must never engage in fraudulent or any other dishonest conduct involving the property or assets or the financial reporting and Accounting of THEPI. THEPI’s financial records are the basis for managing the company’s business and fulfilling its obligations to various stakeholders, therefore, any financial record must be accurate and in line with THEPI’s accounting standards.Engaging in any scheme to defraud anyone of money, property or honest services violates company policy and the law and carries severe penalties.

No Gift Policy

To avoid a conflict of interest, THEPI employees do not accept gifts from vendors, suppliers, customers, potential employees, potential vendors or suppliers or any other individual or organization except during special occasions or company activities.THEPI requires that all our employees demonstrate our company’s commitment to treating all people and organizations with whom we come into contact or conduct business impartially.Our employees practice and demonstrate equal treatment, unbiased professionalism and non-discrimatory actions in relation to all vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, potential employees, potential supplier or any other individual or organization.


THEPI is also resolved to avoid conflict metals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and tin (Sn), minerals that are from mines in Democratic Republic of Congo or conflict areas.

Prohibition against Retaliation

Regardless of the type of misconduct reported, or the method of reporting that is chosen, THEPI will not tolerate any retaliation or retribution against anyone who makes a good faith report of an alleged violation of the code. THEPI does not tolerate any form of retaliation for reports made in good faith. This includes blatant actions such as firing, transferring, demoting or publicly attacking someone as well as more subtle retaliation such as avoiding someone, leaving him or her out of professional or social activities, this includes actions taken by managers and employees alike. Individuals who raise concern or who help to resolve reported matters are protected against retaliation. We take claims of retaliation seriously. All such claims will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, retaliators will be disciplined up to and including Termination.

Freedom of Movement

There shall be no unreasonable restrictions on workers freedom of movement in the facility in addition to unreasonable restrictions on entering or exiting company-provided facilities.

Workplace Health and Safety

Employees are to be in a safe environment protected from hazards of the job. Where necessary, employees will be provided safety equipment as appropriate to the work being performed. Employees are to be provided with ready access to clean toilet facilities, potable water and sanitary food preparation, storage and eating facilities. Procedures and systems are to be in place to manage, track and report occupational injury and illness. Emergency Response Procedure will be in place.

Our responsibility to the Community

THEPI shall provide an essential service to our community. We play a role in connecting people with each other, with our community and key community services. Our Corporate Social Responsibility touches on all members of the community with the potential to impact positively on protection of Environment. In line with our Core Values, our community strategy incorporates the following elements:

- Engagement with the local communities in which we operate.
- Offering employment opportunities to our nearby communities.
- Promoting engagement between our staff and the community.
- Improving the environment in and around our operations.
- Support for employees effort in fund raising projects for the care of our environment.
- Developed consciousness in our employees for the care of our environment.

Our responsibility to the Environment

We are committed to:

- Manage company waste and the overall impact of our operations on the environment.
- Maintain an internal management structure for the management of environmental issues which includes clearly defined responsibilities for environmental management capable of delivering this commitment.
- Monitoring our waste management performance and setting objectives and targets for improvement.
- Providing appropriate training and awareness program for our employees.

Our CSR Committee

The CSR Committee shall conduct the necessary identification, review and updating of the aspects significant to the company whether direct or indirect. The review will be done annually or when there is a need due to significant changes. Roles, Responsibility and Authority of the Committee.

>> Duties of the CSR Chairman:

- Monitor the groups quarterly performance vs. performance target and KPI
- Coordinate with the different agencies ( e.g. PEZA, DENR, LLDA, City government and Barangay officials) on activities related to CSR projects.
- Ensures that THEPI complies to all legal; and regulatory requirements
- Disclose and report the CSR activities and achievements to top management

>> Duties of the Volunteer Advocate:

- Recommend, Monitor and evaluate CSR activities
- Annually review the CSR Policy from time to time and make suitable changes.
-Coordinates with the Volunteer Champion all CSR related programs and projects

>> Duties of the Volunteer Champion:

- Ensure that the CSR activities of the company are implemented effectively.
- Coordinate with all employees CSR activities / projects of the company

>> Duties of the Waste Management Advocate:

- Ensure that the waste management of the company is properly implemented.
- Ensure that the hazardous waste of the company is properly disposed.
- Submits Waste management monthly report to the CSR Chairman.

>> Duties of the Fund Management and Budget Allocation Advocate:

- In charge of the management of the CSR funds.
- In charge of the CSR activities fund allocation.

Frequency of the Meetings of the CSR Committee

The CSR Committee shall meet at least once every quarter. Members of the CSR Committee can agree regarding time and place for said meetings. Quorum for the meeting should be at least three fourth of the total numbers of the committee. Minutes of the meeting of the CSR committee must be presented in the management review.

CSR Initiative

The company shall undertake CSR activities included in in its annual CSR plan, as recommended by the CSR committee at the beginning of each year. The committee is authorized to modify any modification to the existing annual CSR plan or to propose any new program for review of the Management Team.

Annual CSR Plan

The annual CSR plan is a yearly plan of CSR activities that would be placed before the management team based on the recommendation of the CSR Committee which outlines the following aspects of CSR initiatives of the company;

- Title of the CSR proposal
- Targeted beneficiary and their key needs
- Project goal
- Activities and timelines
- Monitoring mechanism
- Progress Report
- CSR budget with projections
- Risk and mitigation analysis
- Any other information that may be required by the CSR committee

Monitoring Mechanism

The monitoring committee comprising of the volunteer advocate of the CSR committee will submit periodic reports to the CSR committee on the progress of the various projects of the CSR committee.


The CSR Chairman shall prepare reports and submit to management team for its review.

Policy Review

The committee shall annually review its CSR Policy from time to time and make suitable changes as may be required and submit the same for approval of the management team.

Our EICC CODE OF CONDUCT COMPANY COMMITMENT Tong Hsing Electronics Phils. Inc. A leading assembly house for custom made hybrid microcircuit packages is committed to;
The principles contained in the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct (Code).
Adhere to all the requirements of the EICC Code of Business Conduct including labor and wages, health and safety, environmental compliance and ethics.
Communicate our Corporate Social Responsibility requirements to our suppliers and will require our suppliers to acknowledge and implement the EICC Code.

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